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SiP sources a diverse range of speakers, offering impartial advice on the entire speaker spectrum. We are always up-to-date with newly available and undiscovered talent, as well as world-leading experts. Our extensive experience within financial services means we know who goes down well for different segments of the industry, to ensure that similar audiences are not presented with the same content.

As part of MiP, a leading London-based financial marketing company, we uniquely combine specialist knowledge with a wealth of creative conference and marketing expertise.

Sourcing Speakers

Sourcing Speakers

We have bespoke research capabilities, and an ever-growing database of speakers and experts. We can help you source a big-name draw for a conference, or a specialised market expert for a 1-on-1 meeting. We also work with a dedicated media trainer, facilitating virtual and in-person workshops to help our clients prepare of board meetings and large-scale conferences.

Masterminding Logistics

Masterminding Logistics

We look after all the pre-event and on-site speaker logistics, overseeing briefings, travel arrangements, slide decks, book orders, pre and post-event content, as well as support on the day.

Crafting Agendas

Crafting Agendas

We help build agendas from the bottom up, advising on themes and evolving formats for both new and established conferences and other events.


Louise Beale
SiP favourite Louise Beale was back in action this week hosting some more presentation workshops.

Louise was first on-site at Schroders in London, and then facilitated a virtual session with one of the research directors from WisdomTree Investments. Louise demonstrates how the use of storytelling is vital to bring impact to communication, and the best ways to deliver a punchy TED style address.

SAIF 2023
SAIF 2023

Everyone’s had a great day at the Schroders Adviser Investment Forum. Ben Lyttleton, football journalist and author, closed the conference with his thoughts on how the world’s most popular sport can offer key lessons on the world of work, particularly in terms of recruiting and retaining talent. Ben will also be joining us in April, at MiP’s flagship event, JiC.

Janus Henderson Investors
Janus Henderson Investors

Today saw the return of the Janus Henderson Annual Investment Conference. Kickstarting proceedings was Zanny Minton-Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, setting the scene for the geopolitical landscape in 2023. Closing the conference was generational expert Dr Paul Redmond, with his illuminating insights into the relationship between emerging technologies and Gen Z, and what this means for the workplace of the future.


We book a diverse range of speakers right across the budget spectrum, from entertainers and musicians to world-renowned economists and political leaders. Here are just a few examples of recent bookings.

Event date
November 2023

Dominic O’Connell

June 2023

Michael Johnson

May 2023

Dominic O’Connell

April 2023

Louise Beale, Robin Niblett, Ben Lyttleton, Herman Brodie, Alice Lascelles, Jason Laing

March 2023

Alexander Stubb, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Gillian Tett, Nasser Saidi, Louise Beale, Gabrielle Walker, Richard Shirreff, Catherine Green, Janine Hirt, Lawrence Wintermeyer, Clint Laurent, Linda Yueh, Dambisa Moyo, William Hague, Daisy McAndrew, Stephanie Sy, Dominic O’Connell

February 2023

Tim Marshall, Louise Beale, Lucy Hockings

January 2023

Zanny Minton-Beddoes, Ben Lyttleton, Gavin Hewitt, Paul Redmond, Louise Beale

December 2022

Monty Halls

November 2022

Russell Napier, Matthew Syed, Dominic O’Connell, Mandy Hickson, Hannah Fry, Alice Lascelles, Monty Halls, Alastair Campbell, Owen Matthews, Suzanne Mustacich, Tim Bradshaw

October 2022

Anne Applebaum, Tim Marshall, Gillian Tett, Lucy Hockings, Louise Beale

September 2022

Ben Lyttleton, Daisy McAndrew, Tina Fordham, Lucy Hockings, Edward Chancellor

August 2022

Monty Halls

July 2022

Mode Band, Jon-Paul McCarthy (caricaturist), Sarah Harper, Merryn Somerset Webb, Sahar Hashemi

June 2022

Chrissie Wellington , Lucy Hockings, Mandy Hickson, Louise Beale, Robert Shrimsley, Louise Minchin, Lewis Pugh, Heather Small

May 2022

Sacha Lord, Lavinia Osbourne, Russell Napier, Sir Richard Shirreff, Linda Yueh, Natasha Kaplinsky, Caspar Berry

April 2022

Dominic O’Connell, Louise Beale, Paul Johnson, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Gabrielle Walker, Alice Lascelles, Tristram Stuart, Monty Halls, Matthew Goodwin, Mike Barry, Matt Frei, Gavin Hewitt, Camilla Cavendish, Amy Myers Jaffe, Tim Marshall

March 2022

Rachel Burden, Stephane Garelli, Thomas Frey, Dominic O’Connell, Caspar Berry, Lucy Hockings, Louise Beale, Paul Redmond, Mike Barry

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Joint Managing Director

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Head of Marketing Operations

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Financial Controller

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Senior Designer

As part of Marketing in Partnership (MiP), we are supported by a wider team of account managers, event managers, designers, content specialists and researchers.

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